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Looking for a financial training that will engage your people to help you improve your bottom line?

Our simple, interactive financial training will help your team understand the financial statements, financial objectives and the key performance indicators they are measured against.

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Business_and_office_75_vector_icons-01Financial Analysis Tools

Need help analyzing your business? Trying to grow or improve processes but not sure where to begin?

Our Cash Flow Accelerator is a financial analysis tool that provides insight into your business and will help you identify the fastest way to improve financial performance and increase cash flow.

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Information technology changed the global environment and how we operate in our own companies. Does your culture still operate using pre-internet-world traditions or has it changed with the times? How can you tell? Let’s start with the boss-worker relationship. Gallup surveys indicate only 13% of the global workforce engages at work. Much disengagement comes from the… Read More

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You’ve attempted to read and understand your company’s cash statement and it doesn’t quite make sense. You’re not alone, many business owners and professionals lack a clear understanding of their company’s cash statement and generally how to analyze cash flow at their firm. Here’s how you can analyze your cash statement to help improve cash flow at your company.

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If you’re like most non-financially-minded individuals, learning about finance and accounting is probably the last thing you plan to willingly do. But unless you and your team are content to remain in lower-level positions, you probably want to keep reading. The reality is, it’s unrealistic to expect to be successful at higher levels of management… Read More

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Most people know from their own experience that finance is considered a difficult and confusing subject, especially for those who do not work with it every day. Few people know that the first balance sheet was created during the late Middle Ages with the income statement coming along a few years later (the cash statement… Read More

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What Our Customers Think

Terrific Delivery style and good content. Lots of good take aways. Very interesting and insightful!

Great Job! This provides a basic level understanding and is presentable to many people.

Hands on interactive delivery made the course fun and the examples were practical. The program made connections between lots of financial terms to give us a big picture view of how our company operates. Now I know what areas to work on within our business.

The turnaround of the ABB Group has been a truly remarkable success.  The key success factor of this part of the formula was our decision to partner with MetaMark Learning (formerly Stratactics). They really differentiate themselves by taking the time to investigate the client’s need prior to proposing a solution.

MetaMark Learning (formerly Stratactics) worked with our Executive Financial Staff and our University Team to produce a tailor-made, online learning solution for our Leadership Academy participants. As a Learning Professional, I feel confident that we now have the right tool for anyone who wants to understand Accounting concepts and principles through company-specific scenarios and language.

Learning about finance is often considered difficult and boring. We have found a way to make it fun and interesting.

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