Is Your Corporate Culture Limiting the Success of Your Business?

Information technology changed the global environment and how we operate in our own companies. Does your culture still operate using pre-internet-world traditions or has it changed with the times? How can you tell? Let’s start with the boss-worker relationship. Gallup surveys indicate only 13% of the global workforce engages at work. Much disengagement comes from the… Read More

How to Make Sense of Your Cash Statement

You’ve attempted to read and understand your company’s cash statement and it doesn’t quite make sense. You’re not alone, many business owners and professionals lack a clear understanding of their company’s cash statement and generally how to analyze cash flow at their firm. Here’s how you can analyze your cash statement to help improve cash flow at your company. Read More

Why most non-financial professionals think finance is boring and how to change their minds

If you’re like most non-financially-minded individuals, learning about finance and accounting is probably the last thing you plan to willingly do. But unless you and your team are content to remain in lower-level positions, you probably want to keep reading. The reality is, it’s unrealistic to expect to be successful at higher levels of management… Read More

Where do the financial statements come from?

Most people know from their own experience that finance is considered a difficult and confusing subject, especially for those who do not work with it every day. Few people know that the first balance sheet was created during the late Middle Ages with the income statement coming along a few years later (the cash statement… Read More