Financial Analysis

What you’ll gain from our Financial Analysis

  • An analysis of the key metrics that drive your company’s financial performance and clear recommendations for improvement.
  • Fresh ideas to improve how you manage cash flow, cost of goods and expenses.
  • Insight into industry standards and how your company compares to industry norms.
  • One-on-one consulting sessions to discuss your results, provide solutions and renew your focus on strategic objectives.
  • An independent resource that can answer questions and provide ongoing financial and operational support.

Our Financial Analysis Covers:

  • Profitability – An analysis of your company’s income statement including key drivers of profitability, how they are trending and where improvements can be made.
  • Cash Flow – Examining the speed and strength of cash flow management with a specific focus on operating cash flow (OCF). This analysis includes an evaluation of working capital management (receivables, payables and inventory) and how to accelerate cash flow at your firm.
  • Resource Utilization – An analysis of how efficiently your company utilizes available resources. This evaluates trends in the management of assets and employees.
  • Industry Norms & Recommendations – We provide insight into industry standards and make clear recommendations for what you can do to improve or grow your business.
  • Our typical financial analysis includes a report covering the key metrics described above for a 3-5 year period, plus two consulting sessions. See an excerpt from a sample report to get a better idea of what is included.

Why Choose our Cash Flow Accelerator?

Our analysis focuses on key financial figures and doesn’t bombard you with unnecessary data. Our deliverables are clear, provide relevant metrics and are explained in plain language to give you insights necessary to make better business decisions. Our report and its recommendations will leave you feeling like you now know what to do to move forward.

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