Financial Training

Why Our Financial Training is Different – It’s Fun, Easy & Engaging

Our financial training introduces the principles of finance and accounting by simulating the transactions of a startup. Participants build their own financial statements (using a game board) through a series of deliberate and entertaining transactions designed to demonstrate key financial concepts. This activity helps clear up common misunderstandings about the financial statements and will give your team the tools and skills they need to improve financial performance.

Our simple, interactive learning process provides a foundation of financial knowledge that participants can use throughout their career. When fundamentals are clear, it is possible to grasp the concepts necessary to understand your company’s financial objectives and the key performance indicators your team is measured against.

Why Choose Our Financial Training?

This program is fun and makes learning finance feel effortless. Participants leave empowered by the insight gained through their own discovery process. Our financial training has been taught to thousands of people all over the world and proven to be effective at inspiring teams to think financially and act strategically.

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Course Format

Our course can be taught as a half-day training or multi-day program, depending on the financial training needs of your people. Our financial training is most effectively delivered on-site, but can also be delivered online.